A Unified Voice

In many parts of our country, traditional fishery management systems have failed to balance conservation goals and the economic potential of our marine resources. Over decades, these outmoded systems have resulted in declining fish stocks and a loss of economic vitality in coastal communities.

Fortunately, in a growing number of U.S. fisheries, management is changing and turnarounds are underway. Conservation and economic interests are being aligned to deliver healthier fisheries, longer fishing seasons, safer working conditions and higher returns. In several fisheries, a history of chronic overfishing has been addressed and species are recovering.

These examples point the way to a bright future for our industry – and as fishermen we know how to get there – but until now our geographic diversity and a tradition of small-business independence have hindered our ability to problem-solve and communicate to policymakers.

The Seafood Harvesters change that by bringing together fishermen from every region, developing a carefully focused policy platform, then educating decision makers and the public about the enormous positive potential of U.S. fisheries.