In Their Own Words

“What makes the Seafood Harvesters different is its unprecedented coast-to-coast support, from both industry and the environmental sector. We will partner with the National Marine Fisheries Service to advance the sustainability and accountability of our nation’s marine resources. Through Harvesters, America’s commercial fishermen will be at the table when important decisions are made. And that’s key, because in Washington, D.C., if you aren’t at the table, you’re on the menu.”

– Christopher Brown, President

“In the Alaska and the West Coast commercial fisheries, where my members fish, we have demonstrated conclusively that rationally managed fisheries can succeed from both a conservation and an economic perspective. Through the Seafood Harvesters, we can share our lessons-learned with fishermen from around the country, and work with NMFS to develop regulatory conditions that make success possible for every U.S. fishery.”

– Brent Paine, Board Member

“Well-managed fisheries enable fishermen to be stewards of the public resource that we harvest. Without rational management, fishermen behave irrationally and over-catch. This is human nature, and it happens in commercial and recreational fisheries alike. Through the Seafood Harvesters we support rational approaches to fishery management, and we insist on clear answers from those who don’t.”

– Jack Cox, Board Member