Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Association


Mailing Address

PO Box 991, Kodiak, AK  99615


Rebecca Skinner, Executive Director

Phone:  (907) 654-9888


Congressional District # / House Member Name

Don Young

Federal Fishery Management Region(s) in Which Members Operate 

North Pacific

Vessel Length Range

78′ – 105′

Gear Types Employed

Pelagic trawl and non-Pelagic (bottom) trawl

Targeted Species

Walleye Pollock, Pacific cod, Pacific Ocean Perch, Northern rockfish, Dusky rockfish, Sablefish, Big and Long-nose Skate, Flathead sole, Rock sole, Rex sole, Arrowtooth Flounder

Products & Product Forms

Head and gut (H&G) and fillets to United States, Japan and China, Surimi and Pollock roe to Asia; minced Pollock used for McDonalds fish. sandwiches