Fort Bragg Groundfish Association


Mailing address

20501 Nottingham Court, Fort Bragg, CA 95437


Michelle Norvell, Manager

Federal Fishery Management Region(s) in Which Members Operate

Pacific Region

Vessel Length Range

55′- 67′

Gear Types Employed

Bottom Trawl and Fixed Gear (traps)

Targeted Species

Chilipepper, Dover Sole, Thornyheads – Longspine & Shortspine, Lingcod, Petrale Sole, Sablefish

We are making progress and creating new opportunities for Fort Bragg fishermen whose family owned boats and fishing operations are critical to the region’s economic stability and the harbor’s heritage. We are navigating change, cultivating partners, securing investments, exploring opportunities, increasing awareness and broadening our positive impact on our community and the environment. We’re making it happen in Fort Bragg!