Georges Bank Cod Fixed Gear Sector, Inc.

Mailing address

1566 Main Street,Chatham, MA 02633


Doug Feeney

Congressional District # / House Member Name

10th Congressional District, Representative Bill Keating (D-Quincy)

Federal Fishery Management Region(s) in Which Members Operate

New England and Mid-Atlantic Regions

Vessel Length Range

30′ to 50′

Gear Types Employed

Handline, rod-and-reel, demersal longline (tub trawl) and anchored sink gillnet.

Targeted Species

Cod, haddock, pollock, white hake, spiny dogfish, monkfish and skate.

Products & Product Forms

  • Most product is trucked off Cape Cod for processing (New Bedford, Gloucester); some is transported directly to wholesale and retail operations on Cape Cod.
  • Product exported from Cape Cod ends up at domestic (i.e. groundfish) and international (i.e. spiny dogfish) destinations.
  • Some Sector Members participate in a small live codfish market supplying product to Boston’s Chinatown.