Purpose and Partnership

The purpose of the Seafood Harvesters is to ensure a plentiful and lasting seafood harvest for America through education, stewardship, and accountability in our fisheries.

Federal fisheries management is complex, and the effects of decisions made at the national level ripple through our coastal communities – affecting thousands of people, their livelihoods, and the stewardship of our fisheries.

Clearly, commercial fishermen have “the most to lose” in the formulation of fisheries policy, but it’s also increasingly clear that federal decision-makers have a great deal to gain by working with seafood harvesters as they allocate scarce federal dollars, set conservations goals, develop monitoring programs, design enforcement systems, and perform cooperative research to quantify fish stocks. When fishermen and policymakers work together to align conservation interests with economic interests, we create healthier fisheries, stronger coastal communities and more stable seafood supplies for America.

We foresee a time when the fishing industry’s inherent adaptability combines with smarter management systems to make our fisheries a global model of prosperity. Our members bring proven solutions and the experience required to move domestic fisheries to new levels of abundance. We look forward to working with Congress and federal agencies in a spirit of partnership to advance our mutual goals of accountability, stewardship and economic success for U.S. fisheries.