Prospective Members

Many fishermen rely on species-focused organizations to represent them, and while those groups do a great job on fishery-specific issues, many of the overarching decisions affecting the future of America’s fisheries are most effectively addressed in a united fashion. That’s where we come in.

As the only active, nationwide association representing commercial fishermen in our nation’s capital, we work to:

  • Ensure solid funding for well-designed stock assessments
  • Promote accountability in fishing practices and fisheries management
  • Advance cost-effective catch-monitoring programs
  • Advocate for an increased role in cooperative fisheries management and cooperative research
  • Protect the future of our fisheries, a public resource of the American people

As part of our proactive engagement with federal decision-makers and the American people, we will also bring attention to proposed regulations that have widespread, unintended effects on fishermen and the sustainability of fish populations. And in a media environment where controversy often trumps analysis, we will help fishermen tell their own stories through fact-based communications.

Membership in Seafood Harvesters of America means a supportive environment to address common challenges, a presence in Washington, D.C., a seat on our Policy Committee and a voice in the future of America’s fisheries. We welcome select Associate Members as well. To start the conversation, get in touch with one of our members near you, or our staff at

You can learn more about the benefits of membership by reading our 2-Pagers for Regular Members and Associate Members.