Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association


Mailing address

8 Otis Place, Scituate, MA, 02066


Beth Casoni, Executive Director

Federal Fishery Management Region(s) in Which Members Operate

New England, Mid-Atlatnic

Vessel Length Range


Gear Types Employed

Lobster Pot, anchored sink gillnet, trawl, scallop dredge, hydraulic dredge, harpoon, rod-and-reel, handline, demersal longline (tub trawl), fish weir, conch pot, black sea bass pot

Targeted Species

Lobster, Crab, Conch, haddock, pollock, white hake, redfish, flounders, monkfish, skates, spiny dogfish, lobster, scallop (sea and bay), bluefin tuna, striped bass, bluefish, sea clams, scup, sea bass, and black sea bass.


The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association is a member-driven organization that accepts and supports the interdependence of species conservation and the members’ collective economic interests.

The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association was established in 1963 by the fishermen, for the fishermen, and is one of the leading commercial fishing industry associations in New England. On behalf of the 1,700 members, the MLA works to maintain both the industry and the resource. Lobster is the States most valuable resource harvested within state waters with annual ex-vessel revenues estimated to be over 100 million dollars annually.

The MLA strives to be proactive on issues affecting the lobster industry and is active in the management process at both the state and federal levels. The MLA communicates with its members through a monthly newspaper, email list, Facebook, Twitter and attendance at meetings. For over 50 years, the MLA has become a trustworthy voice for the industry on important issues, and is looked to by both the fishing industry and the management community.