Our Work

Over 4,000 miles separate halibut fishermen in the Aleutian Islands and grouper fishermen in Florida, but they are united by a core conviction that our nation benefits when fishing practices and management systems are grounded in accountability, common sense and solid science.

Many fishermen rely on species-focused organizations to represent them, and while those groups do a great job on fishery-specific issues, many of the overarching decisions affecting the future of America’s fisheries are most effectively addressed in a united fashion. That’s where we come in.

As the only active, nationwide association representing commercial fishermen in our nation’s capital, we work to:

  •   Ensure solid funding for well-designed stock assessments
  •   Promote accountability in fishing practices and fisheries management
  •   Advance cost-effective catch-monitoring programs
  •   Advocate for an increased role in cooperative fisheries management and cooperative research
  •   Protect the future of our fisheries, a public resource of the American people

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