Our Watchword: Accountability

At Seafood Harvesters of America, we talk a lot about accountability, because it is the best predictor of successful fisheries management and the long-term viability of our fisheries. When we promote accountability in U.S. fisheries, this is what we mean:


    Cost-effective catch monitoring and reporting are essential to fisheries management and to fishing itself. Vessel monitoring systems, human observers and emerging electronic monitoring methods will all play a part as we advance our industry’s practices. We will work with federal agencies to improve technologies, educate fishermen and broadly promote monitoring and reporting in U.S fisheries.


    Fishery management programs in the United States are developed and implemented by regional Fishery Management Councils, comprised of state, federal, and industry stakeholders. The public council process is central to the credibility and accountability of everyone who participates in the formulation of U.S. fisheries management plans. We support the role played by regional councils and do not believe their responsibilities should be supplanted by Congress.


    Administration of fishery management programs should be as efficient as the deck operations on the vessels we operate. When fishermen pay cost-recovery fees from the proceeds of their landings to cover federal costs, they invest directly in the management and long-term conservation of fish stocks. To help ensure the most efficient use of these fees, we will encourage regulators to reduce redundancies and identify cost-savings wherever and whenever possible.