The decisions made in Washington affect thousands of commercial fishing businesses and their communities.

We need a strong voice in Washington and around the country to educate policy makers and the public about the value of our fisheries, the income, jobs and nutrition they provide and issues that concern commercial fishermen.

While many issues impact a region or single fisheries, many issues also touch fishermen operating out of almost every port in the nation.  Our work focuses on those national issues and reflects a broad consensus of our members.  We are stronger together when we speak with a unified national voice.

Some of the issues we’re focusing on now, include:

  • The reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act. The guiding law in fisheries policy, we are striving for greater accountability and stewardship to support thriving fisheries.
  • A common-sense solution to a pending EPA vessel discharge rule that would require fishing vessels to secure a clean water permit for the first time ever for incidental discharge, even for deck runoff.
  • Sensible Coast Guard rules on vessel classification, load line and alternative compliance. We want to avoid unnecessary costs and maintenance that forces our boat and their crews of the water.
  • Monitoring is essential to accountability but the current system is too costly and cumbersome. It’s time for electronic, lower cost and effective monitoring.
  • Catch shares are a proven tool in fisheries management. We will keep an open mind and support federal rules that treat catch shares the same as other management options in our fisheries.

Read our full platform here: Harvesters Policy Platform October 25, 2018