Purse Seine Vessel Owners Association



Mailing address

1900 Nickerson St., Suite 320, Seattle, Washington 98119


Bob Kehoe, Executive Director

Federal Fishery Management Region(s) in Which Members Operate

Pacific, North Pacific

Vessel Length Range

Up to 58′

Gear Types Employed

Purse Seine, Longline

Targeted Species

Salmon, Halibut, Black Cod, Squid, Crab, Sardines, Cod


Purse Seine Vessel Owners’ Association (PSVOA) was established in 1936 to promote the Puget Sound purse seine fleet. Today, we represent membership interests along the West Coast and throughout Alaska.

PSVOA members operate in a variety of state and federal managed fisheries. Although salmon is the dominant fishery, many PSVOA members have diversified into multiple fisheries including: squid, crab, sardines, cod, and the quota longline fisheries. We seek to promote various policies to support the economic interests of membership, with an emphasis on the salmon seine fleets.